Project Goals

The project "Localisation of Social Work in the Arab Countries" (LOSWAC) aims to research the potentials and challenges of localisation in the Arab countries as well as to establish a scientific network and platform for the regarding discourse.

In order to establish adequate responds in this regard, the following four main goals have been defined:

  1. Strengthening localisation of Social Work theories and methods in the Arab context
  2. Increasing research capacities and activities in Social Work in Arab countries
  3. Promoting young Social Work academics of the Arab region in acquiring research skills
  4. Fostering Social Work related academic exchange within the Arab region and with Europe

The project tackles these goals by the following measures:

  • A PhD Research Cluster “Localisation of Social Work in Arab Countries” is initiated. Each of the participating universities receives funding for one research assistant who collaborate on the subject during the whole project period and namely in one mobility to Jordan and Lebanon each year. Each research assistant is supervised by a professor from the respective university. Additionally, there has been an initial one month stay in Germany in July 2019, accompanied by the professors for one week, in order to get to know each other, receive scientific research training and to structure the working plan.
  • Three related Conferences are organized, as per below:
    • Germany 2019: “Localisation of Social Work in Arab Countries: Foundations”
    • Jordan 2019: “Localisation of Social Work in Arab Countries: Demands and Approaches”
    • Lebanon 2020: “Localisation of Social Work in Arab Countries: Results”
  • For each conference, additional speakers will be invited from the German GJU Network and from other Arab countries (Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia); this broadens the perspective, disseminate the findings, and provides further chances for spreading the network
  • Student Exchange Scholarships are coordinated that are financially supported by the project. They will provide opportunities to several students from the participating universities to study in Germany at the FHWS for one semester.
  • Thesis Mobility Scholarships will support individual student mobilities for one month in order to help students to integrate the perspective of either the German or the Arab situation in their regarding Master’s thesis.